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Made Open is a collaboration tool to support all types of community action from sharing ideas around tough local issues, to pledging money, time and materials to community projects big and small. It also is a social network, helping bring people and groups in a community together. There are a whole host of features, and a whole range of reasons to start using Made Open, keep reading for more about how it works.


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As a quick introduction to all the features of Made Open we’ve picked the top ten features and given you a quick overview on each. For more detailed tutorials and help on using Made Open please visit where we have a range of specific how to guides.


Top ten things to do on Made Open


1. Find community activity 6. Start a project
2. Create an account 7. Start a poll
3. Connect with people and groups 8. Create an event
4. Find volunteering opportunities 9. Create a group
5. Ask the community 10. Embed activity on to a third party site.



1. Find community activity 

Made Open is all about creating and sharing community issues and projects. Through the activity stream you can find a whole range of amazing community led activities to get involved with. Not only is it a great way to see what is happening near you its a great way to support your community and make new connections. These are the types of activities you can find on Made Open:

  • Community Questions
    See what issues others are trying to solve and add your ideas and thoughts. This could range from asking if there is a community centre near by to asking how to tackle elderly isolation.
  • Projects
    These are time limited and are about asking for help to complete a community project. Someone can ask for money, materials and volunteers. Pledging to help is as simple as a few clicks.
  • Polls
    Polls are simple surveys that allow others to understand the communities thoughts and feelings on a certain topic. Take a few seconds to complete a single or multiple choice poll and help by adding your option to the mix. Every little helps.
  • Events
    Find community events near you, fancy attending, simply click to say you will attend and well send you a reminder before the event. Ticketed events via eventbrite can also be added so you can reserve and pay for events you like the sound of too.

All these great activities can be found on the activity stream, use the filters on the right hand side to find activities you are most interested in. Set a locations, choose a theme, type of activities and popularity to find the most relevant activity for you.


2. Create an account

You can find amazing community activity without needing an account, but to get the most out of your Made Open experience having an account is the only way forward. Just look at all the great things you can do with an account on Made Open:

  • Start a activity asking for help from your community; be it asking for ideas, opinions, money, materials, their time or their attendance. 
  • Connect with like minded people also on Made Open
  • Find and join interesting community groups and organisations
  • Create groups and invite people to join, setting them tasks, having discussions and much more.
  • Receive notifications of interesting new community activities matching your interests

Signing up for Made Open is really easy too, you can sign up in seconds with Facebook, twitter, linked in or google or get set up on the ground running just sign up via the home page and complete your profile in three simple steps.


3. Connect with people and groups

Made Open is also a social network, it allows you to find other socially minded people and local community groups. You can build up a network of connections, and join and start your own groups. 

Every person that signs up gets a personal profile, this profile can include things like place of work, interests, skills, a brief bio and social media links. You can use the community stream to find people you want to connect with, filtering search results by interests, skills and location.

Once you have connected with someone (click the connect button next to their profile) you will be able to contact them directly.

Finding groups to join, is just as easy, using the same community stream you can filter community groups by location and interest. A group profile allows you to see contact information, a short bio and the activities the group is involved with. Click to join the group or message the group admin.


4. Find volunteering opportunities

As well as finding projects in your area that need volunteers, groups near you can also advertise that they are looking for volunteers. Not only can they indicate they need volunteers they can also list all the roles they have available (on Made Open or on a website of their choice) and tag the skills they need. This means you can easily find great groups and organisation near you that have interesting opportunities matching your skill set. Here's how you can find opportunities for you:

  • Go to ‘Community’ 
  • Select ‘Search groups’
  • Select ‘Show only groups looking for volunteers’
  • Customise your search further i.e. set a location, choose a theme that interests you
  • Click search

Now you have a list of groups with volunteering opportunities, you can on the group name to view their profile, which includes a list of the skills they need, their contact details and a list of their current volunteering opportunities. You can also go straight to the list of opportunities by clicking the ‘opportunities' link straight from the search results.

What to find out more about how to add volunteer opportunities to a group. Take a look at our how to guide. (link)


5. Ask the community

Post a question or challenge, and start collecting ideas and thoughts from the community. Ask the community is all about sharing ideas with each other, weither it’s a question about finding out some local knowledge or about generating ideas to solve a community issue, a question can be added and shared in minutes. Here's how it works:

  • Login into your account
  • Click ‘Ask community’
  • Type your question
  • Click 'next'
  • Add more information like an image or a description
  • Click submit
  • Share with the world.

For a more detailed guide to setting up your first community question please take a look at our how to guide.


6. Start a project

Ask for money, materials or volunteers to make a community project happen. You can set up a project page which has a unique URL which you can share with friends and family as well as being listed on Made Open. 

People can view you project and pledge to help. Projects have targets and are time limited, if your project reaches in it’s targets before the time is up you will receive you funds within 7 working days (with 0% commission), be connected with your volunteers and your material pledgers to arrange your project delivery.

Starting a project follows these simple steps:

  • Login into your account
  • Click ‘Start project’.
  • Follow on screen instructions to create your project page
  • Submit to Made Open
  • Get approval
  • Share your project.

For a more detailed guide to setting up your first project please take a look at our how to guide.


7. Start a poll

Set up a simple poll to capture the communities opinions on anything from how safe they feel walking through the local park at night to appetite for a new supermarket in the local area. Whatever the topic polls can be easily created and shared on Made Open and beyond:

  • Log in to your account
  • Click Create, then choose poll
  • Add your question/ statement
  • Set your answers
  • Submit and share.

For a more detailed guide to setting up your first poll please take a look at our how to guide.


8. Start an event

Events on Made Open can be simple way to advertise an open event like a park litter pick, or can be used to set up a ticketed event through eventbrite. Whatever the type of event, you can create a bespoke event page which appears on Made Open and can be shared with friends and family.

  • Log in to your account
  • Click Create, then choose event
  • Add your event title
  • Set the dates
  • Submit and share.

For a more detailed guide to setting up your first event please take a look at our how to guide.


9. Create a group

Groups are a great way to bring people together on Made Open. You might have a existing community group that you want represented on the site (place to advertise your group and volunteer opportunities) but you may also want to make use of the collaboration features such as discussions and tasks to organise a group of individuals around a specific project or issue.

Groups are easy to create from your profile, simply go to your group tab and select start group. Follow the onscreen instructions and your groups will be ready to go. Groups can allow you to:

  • Set up private questions, projects, polls and events
  • Set up discussions on topics of your choice
  • Invite people to join and control membership
  • Set tasks for group members, and share assignments
  • Set up public questions, projects, polls or events to involve the wider community in your activities.

For a more detailed guide to setting up your first group please take a look at our how to guide.


10. Embed activity on a third party site

Want to share your great community question or project on your own website? You can! What’s more, people visiting your site will be able to add ideas or pledge money, time or materials without ever having to leave the page they are on. Better yet its as easy as pasting a few lines of text into your CMS. Here’s a quick look at the steps involved:

  • Visit your question or project page on Made Open
  • Click the ‘Embed’ button in the top right hand corner of the page (under ‘share’ on mobile)
  • Copy the embed code that appears in front of you.
  • Paste code into your web page via your chosen CMS.

For a full tutorial please take a look at our how to guide. (link)