Benefits of timebanking

Timebanks work by allowing people to help each other within their communities.

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Giving time to your neighbourhood can have a remarkable effect on your personal well-being and those of others.

Timebanking allows those who are already active in their neighbourhoods to give an hour and get one back. For every hour that is exchanged, someone in your community has been supported without money changing hands. Time credits can be earnt, spent or donated between anyone.

Here's how it works

  • Timebank members can offer their skills to help others or request help from others.
  • Signing up is easy and free, and members can offer their own skills and talents when they want to.
  • Absolutely anyone can join a timebank – from individuals and community groups to local businesses.
  • All exchanges are equal and not made on the basis of somebody’s ‘worth’.
  • The more people who contribute to a timebank, the more there’ll be for people to share.
  • There are no limits to how often someone can use the scheme or how much they can offer to others.

How you can contribute

  • Join the timebank 
  • Create your profile and let others see what skills and interests you have.
  • Post requests for help or make an offer to help others.
  • Add a variety of tags to define who your offer is for.
  • Connect with the person and people who have the skills to help your project.
  • Donate your credits to others or to a centrally managed community pot.
  • Build a record of your engagements in numbers and highlights.
  • Tell us about your experiences and outcomes.

The time banked will “belong” to you but, if you wish, you can donate your credits to others who can then withdraw against it. The credits you have earnt and spent will still be recorded to your profile.

If you'd like to find out more about what timebanking can do for you, please contact Theo Tanser.


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Theo Tanser

Community Builder

I am a community builder in Hele, Watcombe and Barton and I am also the community builder...

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