STAYING PUT - Help Over 50's to Stay at home for longer

If you would like to offer help to someone, please sign up to the Timebank, and then contact Staying Put as there are many ways you will be able to do so from neighbourly support to more formal volunteering with one of our 6 partners in the project.

Through talking to older residents around Torbay, we have found that many over 50's wish to remain independent and to be able to stay in their homes for as long as possible.

Some feel their talents and wisdom are currently  unrecognised and undervalued and could be shared.

Staying Put wants to acknowledge and appreciate one of Torbay's biggest yet unrecognised resources and use volunteers and helpers who are often over 50 to  enable others over 50 to retain their independence by assisting one another with tasks many take for granted, but others can no longer do.

This can be in many forms,

Practical help with

small DIY Jobs

teaching someone to cook and shop on a budget

decluttering or taking larger items to the dump

moving heavy furniture around

taking someone out who can no longer access transport

More formal help with:

signposting or accessing health and social care services

Helping you express your views by using our advocacy service

If interested, please get in touch, there are no set hours, you can do as little or as much as you want, when you want to.









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The Staying Put programme is a new volunteer initiative designed to offer voluntary support to over the 50's to help them feel more able to stay put ... Read more

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Do you enjoy gardening? Know your weeds from your flowerbuds?  Happy to help others with whatever needs doing in their garden?  Occasional ... Read more

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  • 3 neighbourhoods

An older person in Hookhills/Broadsands area would be very grateful of a lift to and from Christchurch in Paignton once a month to attend their ... Read more

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Help needed to walk a dog for a gentleman in the Shiphay area,it is is a very large dog (Bordeaux/Bull Mastiff) but very friendly. Due to the ... Read more

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